JDC West 2015

JDC West 2015: Victoria, British Columbia

Team Gustavson JDC West 2015

First Place: International Business

With three hours to analyze a business case and prepare a 20-minute presentation to accompany a feasible recommendation and implementation strategy, my teammates and I came out on top against 11 other business schools. One of my roles within the team was to design our PowerPoint slide deck. 


The organization at hand was DragonPass, a service-based membership firm that offers its end customer access to premium airport lounges around the world, by partnering with airport lounge partners. The case examined the opportunity for DragonPass to expand its stable B2B customer base into the B2C market. The main purpose of the case was to have teams design a transition strategy that was appropriate for the firm and industry. Teams were expected to consider cultural and coordination issues that DragonPass would face as it expands into the global marketplace with a new B2C strategy, in addition to the company's constraints, core competencies, and corporate culture. 

Third Place: Participation (entire team)

All schools are ranked in terms of participation, yielding a score that includes points from attending case presentations, sports games, demonstrating sportsmanship and camaraderie, and more throughout the entire weekend.

First Place: Skit Night (entire team)

One of our captains choreographed an elaborate presentation of Titanic: The Musical, complete with lyrics and props, that involved the whole team. Each school had a "Hollywood Hit" to be creative with and present during Skit Night.