From September to December 2014 I studied at NEOMA Business School in Rouen, France.  With Paris an hour-and-a-half away by train, I traveled to nine other countries during my semester abroad. I concluded my travel blog with a post about how I saw the world a bit differently upon return. 


International Business Research
To satisfy course credit requirements, I wrote a research paper exploring the effect of the sharing economy on tourism and travel in Europe. Having used services like AirBNB and BlaBlaCar, it was interesting to note the extent to which these types of business were shaping the future of travel. Read the paper in full.

Europe in the World 
Focused on the inception and current state of the European Union, this class challenged me to learn and understand more about Europe than I had imagined I ever would. History classes taught in high school did not reach far beyond Canada's coasts, so it was interesting to learn about the major events overseas and the modern state of Europe. 

International Negotiation
This class explored the specific topics associated with negotiating across cultures. Verbal and non-verbal communication differences were emphasized, as were differences in attitudes and expectations that can affect the process and outcome of an international negotiation. 

French for Communication 
This class was a logical extension of french grammar in high school, providing a good environment for us to improve our speaking skills. 

Discovering and Understanding French Culture 
Taught in french, we learned about the beginnings of french culture and the truth to its perception today. 

Managing Domestic and International Projects 
This course explored the various project management methods, and the critical factors for successful project execution, namely across cultures. 

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